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Svět nám podává jed a nutí nás provádět zbytečné a hnusné činnosti; vnucuje nám potřebu peněz a zbavuje nás vášnivých vztahů. Stárneme mezi muži a ženami, nemajícími žádné sny, jsme cizinci v realitě, neposkytující žádný prostor projevům štědrosti. Nejsme stoupenci sebezapírání. Jde prostě o to, že to nejlepší, co nám tato společnost může nabídnout (kariéra, sláva, náhlý zisk, „láska“), nás jednoduše vůbec nezajímá. Vydávání rozkazů se nám hnusí stejně jako jejich plnění. Jsme vykořisťováni jako kdokoli jiný a chceme s vykořisťováním skoncovat. Pro nás vzpoura nepotřebuje žádné jiné ospravedlnění.”


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Disappearing the state control

Lukáš Borl
I´m an anarchist, a rebel and this means so much to me. Among others also that i´m threatened by those against which I fight. Besides other rebels it´s more complicated with us, anarchists. The threat is always here for us and it doesn´t matter what time or place we live in – in the position of fighters against all states the anarchist are always under the threat of repressions and violence. During monarchy, theocracy, fascist or bolshevik dictatorship, same as during the times of liberal democracy. All anarchists must live with knowing that everyday can appear the fist of the state repressions.

Anyway, even if i always feel this threat, i deaden my senses a lot during the years of my anarchist activities. I plainly didn´t care to much emotionally when some of often repeated forms of repression came. They became a routine. Every moment cops violently attacks anarchist demonstration or evict the squat. Time by time somebody gets arrested and after a while released with a fine or probation. Nothing extraordinary in anarchist environment. We don´t need to drown into despair because of this, we just need to cope with the conditions. I started to perceive this recurrent troubles as the inevitable result of anarchist activities. We just need to take into account, that if somebody fight against the state, the same state will fight back.

If we talk about these small “routine” repressions, we can live quite ordinary life despite them. The police will have more and more informations about your activities, but still, you can do your stuff and you can do it publicly. I´m doing this for around seventeen years. Police surveillance, interrogations, prison cells, courts. Fines and probation. So much of this during those seventeen years, but nothing that would prevent me of organizing and participating on anarchist activities in public.

Phase of my public activities reached the top, now it´s time for the phase of hiding. After long reasoning and considering present context i decided to disappear from the eye of the state control. In present i think it´s the only possible way how to protect myself against the crushing hit of repressions. Now i will try to outline the context and reasons that led me to this decision.

Breaking point

My current stance is the result of last months, but there is no doubt that i did all the most underlying decisions just few days before my disappearance. 28. April 2015 was the beginning of all of this. The day the police started the operation Fénix – this repressive campaign against the anarchist movement became some sort of breaking point. Transition from longtime mild repression into the strong one. Three anarchists ended in trial detention after first raids and another one few weeks later. Official version is, that it was effort to eliminate Síť revolučních buněk (SRB) (SRB – Web of revolutionary cells ) and leftist terrorism. But there is no doubt that SRB still functions. It´s also obvious that repressions hits wider anarchist movement and also the families and friends of anarchists. Besides the imprisoned comrades there are also other persons accused of crimes and prosecuted at “liberty”. Dozens of people are repeatedly interrogated and bullied. Some people are surveyed by whole police teams that tracks all their steps and communication. This situation created very oppressive atmosphere.

There was fines and probation before, but now the anarchists were imprisoned under very frightening conditions. Some comrades are accused of terrorism in the preparation phase. Concretely of planning the attack on the freight train with military material. Two undercover cops, who infiltrated one anarchist group play an important role in this case. Another comrade is accused of attack against the house of Czech minister of defense. The attack with molotov cocktail was – according to police version – militant advocacy of Russia and the regime of Vladimir Putin. The truth is, that the persecuted anarchist is Russian citizen, who was persecuted in Russia and he repeatedly stand against Putin, Russian state and it´s regime during lectures in Czech Republic. Defendant simply doesn´t have motive. Moreover he has provable alibi, that he was on some other place in the time of the attack.

Simply, the anarchists in Czech Republic are going to the prison cells because some absurd police fictions and provocations. This is the big reason for me, as an active anarchist, to start worry, that i can be also imprisoned soon. Undoubtedly everybody from the anarchist movement can be imprisoned, so the question is, why i think that they want to imprison me. I can´t tell it with certainty of course, but there are some signals that suggest the probability is very high. I don´t want to disregard or detract this.

Disturbbing attention

Dozens from whole Czech Republic where interrogated during the operation Fénix, some of them repeatedly. I talked with most of them about their experience. Almost everyone independently agreed on one thing – that i´m the person that police mostly focused on during the interrogations. According to trusted sources it was the same also during the interrogations of imprisoned anarchists. It isn´t meaningless coincidence and it surely has it´s reasons that can be connected with the effort to put me into prison. This interrogations can be the way, how to obtain documentation for arrest warrant. It doesn´t matter if the documentation will have some real basis or if it will be the result of police manipulations with the statements. It will be the trouble anyway.

There can be many reasons, why they focus their attention on me so strongly. Perhaps that i´m publicly involved in projects, that leads to approximation of the anarchist movement and the people outside it. Or maybe it´s the activities around the community center Ateneo or the activities to support workers bullied by their bosses. Police can see me as a person who significantly contributes to popularize anarchist tactics and goals. This kind of person is threat for the status quo everywhere around the globe and police tries to eliminate their influence.

There is also truth, that on lectures, public discussions and in publications i repeatedly and openly advocate for the illegal direct action as an integral part of anticapitalist resistance. Police can see high risk in this, because i can maybe inspire or support some people to do this illegal direct actions. It´s also known thing, that i´m member of Association Alerta, that reproduces SRB and other militant groups statements on the internet. There´s no secret that i´m also distributing publications and some of them are presenting texts from groups and individuals beyond the borders of legality like Revolutionary struggle Class War, A.L.F. , Angry Brigade, Alfredo M. Bonnano or Antonio Tellez. I don´t agree with them in some of their activities and stances, but mainly i do and that´s the reason why i spread their texts and verbally express sympathy to them.

So, i´m just loudly saying things, that many anarchist dare to say secretly, so nobody can hear them. I´m helping to spread information about illegal direct actions and encouraging others to support them. I also repeatedly declared, that as an anarchist, i don´t want to bound myself with statutory norms and i will cross it´s borders everywhere, where i think it´s legitimate. I have no doubt that police want to stop all of this and perhaps also with the help of imprisonment.

I don´t want to overestimate my abilities and influence, but i have no doubt, that police hates everything i do. They have enough reasons to try to stop me. Just what police presented as a reason for raid in community center Ateneo is big warning. Some sort of message: “Don´t have a doubt, we are going after you”. They submitted injunction for house searches on four places, where i spent much time and they justified it by suspecting me as a person who found, support and propagate the SRB. If police do these suspicions during the raids, it´s the reason to worry that they want to turn these suspicions into charges and severe punishment. I don´t want to stand by and wait what happens.

Surveillance and wiretapping

I already mention increased attention on my person during police interrogations. I would like to remind, that this is just one of many cases where i experience this increase of attention. During the last months this attention was very present during my everyday life. As i wrote, there was a team of undercover cops that tracked all my steps and communication (link 1, 2, 3). There was a days, that i can´t move without their presence and also this intense surveillance fits into the theories of my arrest. And it seems like, they don´t want just me. I think, that there are two goals, that police want to achieve with surveillance.

Goal One: Uncovering links and relations. They want to know with who i´m in touch, what we´re doing together and on what we cooperate. They expect, that i will lead them to people, which can be then easily convicted of illegal activities. They assume, that if i openly advocate for illegal activities and spread information about it, i must also know people who are involved in such activities.

Goal Two: They want to accuse me of illegal activities. They are watching me with expectation, that i will do something illegal sooner or later and they will record it. Eventually that i will do something, that will draw the connection between me and something illegal from the past. I´m afraid that even if this leads to nothing and the police can´t connect me with anything illegal, they will create some evidence themselves. It will be the same what happened to anarchists who ended up in custody with allegations of serious crimes, because some doubtful claims of the police.

If the police in Czech Republic arrested people because some obviously fictional constructs, it´s very easy to believe, that they want to do the same to me. I described the motives that can lead the police to arrest me and also the things that can be counted as a preparation for such move. All of this led me to decision, that only way how to prevent this, is to simply disappear from the sight of the police and the government. If they don´t know where i am and what i do, they don´t have the conditions needed for my imprisonment.

Damn hard decision

Now, i want to emphasize one important thing. I´m aware, that my theories about my imprisonment are based on assumptions yet. There is no way how i can prove them now of course. If the theory of my imprisonment will proved invalid, my decision to disappear will remain anyway. The reason is the will to keep my dignity and health.

To live under constant police surveillance is unsustainable in the long term. In situation like this, you will lost not only your privacy and dignity, but you are also exposed to huge psychological pressure, that can undermine your health very easily. Paranoia and other psychical and emotional problems are common results in such situations. I know cases of people, that need to board psychiatric treatment because intensive police control, their health was undermined and maybe it can´t be fully restored. I want to prevent this, so i will hide rather then live in the conditions of permanent control.

I want to rather hide than sit in the prison or hospital. Now i see only these three options, so my decision is clear. Disappear while i can. If i say, that my decision is clear, i don´t say it is easy. It´s damn hard to decide to disappear without farewell and lost the contact with people i know for years. But such decision is result of logical evaluation of situation. It´s also self-preservation instinct.

Of course i would rather live normally in close contact with all the people i like, but this is impossible now. Decision to secede from friends and family is consequence of situation which my enemies pushed me into. I have no intention to forgive them. I´m hiding from their sight also because i want to plan next moves in the struggle undisturbed, so i can subvert their beliefs. Simply if i´m disappearing from the sight of the police and government it doesn´t mean that i´m no longer part of an anarchist resistance.

Last words i´m sending to those who i love. If i´m disappearing from the sight of all of you – friends and family, it doesn´t mean that i´m leaving you! We don´t see each other and we don´t talk together now, but you are always important part of my life. I don´t have a doubt, that also i´m still important part of yours.

I love you, I´m thinking of you and I miss you.

Lukáš Borl – September 2015


Read also this text: Confirmed: Lukáš Borl under police investigation


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