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“Mezi světem radikálních akademiků a lidí, kteří se pouští do boje se svými vykořisťovateli, je nutný intelektuální odstup – nutný je proto, že akademik říká jen své akademické věci, které jsou na míle vzdálené zkušenosti „chudých“ nebo kohokoli jiného, o kom mluví.”

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Svět nám podává jed a nutí nás provádět zbytečné a hnusné činnosti; vnucuje nám potřebu peněz a zbavuje nás vášnivých vztahů. Stárneme mezi muži a ženami, nemajícími žádné sny, jsme cizinci v realitě, neposkytující žádný prostor projevům štědrosti. Nejsme stoupenci sebezapírání. Jde prostě o to, že to nejlepší, co nám tato společnost může nabídnout (kariéra, sláva, náhlý zisk, „láska“), nás jednoduše vůbec nezajímá. Vydávání rozkazů se nám hnusí stejně jako jejich plnění. Jsme vykořisťováni jako kdokoli jiný a chceme s vykořisťováním skoncovat. Pro nás vzpoura nepotřebuje žádné jiné ospravedlnění.”


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Possibilities of pressure on the dictatorial regime in Belarus

Reflections not only on how to improve the situation of imprisoned anarchists in so-called Belarus, but also on how to contribute to the fall of the local dictatorship.

Open letter in support of Belarus anarchist revolutionaries

What’s happened? On October 22 in Soligorsk (Belarus) administrative building of State committee of forensic examination was attacked and cars were set on fire at the parking lot of Soligorsk district prosecutor’s office. On the night of October 28 the building of traffic police department of Mozyr district police department was set on fire. Soon […]

Trial with the accused in Fenix 2

zdroj: On April 8th, 10th and 12th, 2019, the trial with 4 anarchists and one environmentalist accused in operation Fenix 2 will be taking place at the district court of Most, every day at 8:30 a.m. Come to support them at the courthouse or by any solidarity action. Let them know you are not […]

How long will last the exploitation of prisoners by the police and courts?

If there’s somebody forced to work for somebody else under the threat of violence, it’s something that we usually call enslavement or exploitation. However, if Czech police and courts use this practice, they call it differently: preparation of the convicted for their jobs and helping the state. There’s no point in arguing about appropriate words, […]

All power to the imagination?

source: When extensive strikes and workers’ and students’ riots took place in France at 1968, one of the slogans back then was “All power to the imagination”. Czech police and courts now have their own interpetation. They assert their authority through fostering their own imagination. When police wanted the arrest warrant on me, their […]

New accusations: Fenix 2 is spinning up

source: It was quite clear, that releasing Lukáš Borl from the prison doesn’t mean the end of another continuing of Fenix operation. More precisely Fenix 2 (The case of Lukas Borl). One of the charges brought against Lukáš is establishing, supporting and spreading a movement leading to suppressing human rights and freedoms. But the […]

Lukáš is released Lukáš Borl, an anarchist imprisoned in remand since September 2016 was released on bail today. That means that he will wait for the court outside of the prison walls. It is the first time since the beginning of the operation Fenix when no anarchist is in so called Czech republic held in prison.

Solidarity gesture for the 6 recently imprisoned comrades in Italy, and Lukáš Borl in Czech Republic (Greece, Athens) As a gesture of solidarity with the recently imprisoned comrades in Italy and in Czech Republic, we hung a banner in Athens, writing: Armed attack until the total destruction of authority and enforcement for all the imprisoned anarchist brothers, for all our stolen moments SOLIDARITY & COMPLICITY WITH THE RECENTLY IMPRISONED COMRADES IN ITALY […]

Letter from imprisoned anarchist comrade Lukas Borl in solidarity to the prison uprising in the United States Hello. My name is Lukáš Borl. I am 34 years old and recently I am held in custody prison in Czech republic – Europe. I am an anarchist and I express my solidarity with all oppressed and exploited people around the World regardless their origin, sexual orientation or gender. From this perspective I decided […]

Defense of the anarchist perspective I have already described my suspicions about police chasing me. To avoid it I live out of their reach but conscious that anyways I can end up in prison soon. I wish this text would be spread with all the info channels of the anarchist movement already. I want to take any chance to […]

Letter from imprisoned anarchist comrade Lukas Borl On Sunday, September 4th, 2016, I was arrested by the police in Most and then taken to the remand prison in Litomerice. Unfortunately it happened what I did not want to, but knew all along that this may occur at any time. Fortunately, I have mentally prepared myself for such situation so it allows […]

Noise for an imprisoned anarchist Noise demo by the prison walls where an anarchist Lukas Borl is being held. Lukas and us send solidarity to striking prisoners in the USA. More info about him is here. To know more about repression against radicals in Czech and anarchist resistance against it, check

A-Radio Berlin: Interview on the repression against anarchists in Czech You can listen to the interview here. From A-Radio Berlin:

Police captured anarchist comrade Lukáš Borl On Sunday, September 4th, police captured our comrade Lukáš Borl. Lukáš is an anarchist who has lived in underground for about a year, due to previous intense surveillance. On Monday September 5th the court sent him to custody jail. State attorney, Naďa Voláková, commented on the case for the Czech News Agency: “I confirm […]

Videoreport z hlukové demo // Videoreport from a noise demonstration

Včera v noci se skupinka několika přátel sešla před vazební věznicí v Litoměřicích, aby pozdravila a podpořila zadrženého anarchistu Lukáše Borla. Tato malá demo je důkazem, že i malá skupina lidí může udělat pořadný kravál, který lidé drženi za mřížemi nemohou přeslechnout. Jakákoliv další podpora je vítána. SVOBODU PRO LUKÁŠE, PRYČ S VĚZENÍMI! …………. Last […]

Disappearing the state control

I´m an anarchist, a rebel and this means so much to me. Among others also that i´m threatened by those against which I fight. Besides other rebels it´s more complicated with us, anarchists. The threat is always here for us and it doesn´t matter what time or place we live in – in the position […]

Lukas Borl – Catch me if you can A long term anarchist organizer from the city of Most, one of the 11 people arrested during the first night of Fenix, Lukas Borl announced that he went underground in autumn 2015. He stated that he couldn’t bear the spying and nonstop monitoring by the state agents. Lukas was worried that he would end […]

Another response on the call for International Solidarity By the infoshop “Bokcafét” in Stockholm, in so called Sweden there was an echo of what is going on in Czech Republic…  We saw Lukas Borl, who is currently hiding in the “poetry” section of the book shop. Still riding on the strong stallion of solidarity… We offered him a vegan burger, which I […]

We’re in this still together

There was some false informations spread on the internet about me collaborating with neonazis and cops. I am very grateful to all anarchists who approach the situation with touch and reason. Thank to everybody who disprove the lies which are to discredit me. It is encouraging to see that this situation doesn’t cause loss of […]

Response on the lies spread about our comrade Lukas Borl

On several profiles, blogs and web pages we saw that our comrade – 100% trusted person and friend LUKAS BORL is accused from being a collaborator with Nazis and giving information to cops. Also someone started FAKE Facebook profile under Lukas’ name. All of this is a COMPLETE LIE! These fake messages are probably spread […]