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Money for anarchists, necklace for Lukashenko

Some time ago, a decision was made to raise funds for the anarchists being prosecuted in so-called Belarus. First there was a tattoo fundraiser and later a fundraising D.I.Y. book published under the title “Words Against Isolation or As Long As There Are Prisons, Let’s Write Letters.” So far, these activities have raised 700 euro. These funds will support five anarchists convicted for their willingness to resist the dictatorship. Namely these people: Nikola Dziadok (sentenced for 5 years), Sergei Romanov (sentenced for 20 years), Igor Olinevich (sentenced for 20 years), Dmitri Rezanovich (sentenced for 19 years) and Dmitri Dubovsky (sentenced for 18 years).

Alexander Lukashenko is the leader of a dictatorship that defends its existence by torturing and imprisoning the opposition. It is good not to forget this, which is why an unusual ‘necklace’ has been created for Lukashenko. It is only a drawn one, but perhaps one day someone will make him a real one.