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We’re in this still together

There was some false informations spread on the internet about me collaborating with neonazis and cops. I am very grateful to all anarchists who approach the situation with touch and reason. Thank to everybody who disprove the lies which are to discredit me. It is encouraging to see that this situation doesn’t cause loss of […]

Response on the lies spread about our comrade Lukas Borl

On several profiles, blogs and web pages we saw that our comrade – 100% trusted person and friend LUKAS BORL is accused from being a collaborator with Nazis and giving information to cops. Also someone started FAKE Facebook profile under Lukas’ name. All of this is a COMPLETE LIE! These fake messages are probably spread […]

Confirmed: Lukáš Borl under police investigation

On 24th October 2015 was my article published on the Association of Alerta’s website. Where I‘ve expressed the suspicion that the police want to arrest me and imprison me. This suspicion has become the reason of my disappearance from the perspective of the state power. In less than a month after the publication, my suspicions […]